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Self Defense (Non-Lethal) Products

Your safety and security are our main concerns. With crime growing fast in our society, Police and Security Companies have no chance to be wherever and whenever help is needed. For this reason, being ready to protect your home, your family and yourself is a vital priority in your life. You might not have the chance to hire your personal bodyguard, you might not be a martial art master or self defense techniques expert, but you still have the chance, and for sure the right, to defend yourself with our help and expertise, no matters what your age, strenght and skills are.

As authorized and legal dealers, Close Protection USA has now access to hundreds of non-lethal self defense products that we chose, with our decades of experience in the field of safety and security, based on a balance between quality and price, to be sure that you will get the best products on the market for the lowest available price.

To get start with your self defense experience, choose the category of items that better reflects your person and/or your family member's prerogatives and needs, from the following list:    

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