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Close Protection USA

Tutores Pacis, Ad Bello Parati

Security services in Miami and Florida

Close Protection USA is an agency providing security services dedicated to any business that feels the need to receive a tailored plan, special treatment and dedicated protection in Miami and Florida.


Security is not just a factual reality but a perception that people feel the need to pander to, adopting certain measures both material and aesthetics.

Material security is based on mathematical calculations, regarding the chance that certain risks could become real and, consequently, the effectiveness of protection measures taken to avoid them. But security is, in fact, even a way of perceiving the surrounding environment, which is not solely based on probabilities but on the psychological reactions of people to perceived risks.

Both phenomena are equally important: an actual security that was not even perceived could lead to an uneasiness completely independent from the full  result obtained by operators in maintaining the safety of persons under protection, as well as it could end to be damaging a feeling of security and contentment given by a system aesthetically pleasing that, finally, turns out to be insufficient and deceptive.

... and measures

Our task is precisely to combine the two needs, adding the aesthetic solution (presence of operators and vehicles directly connectable, by type and appearance, to a safety system) to the practical solution, obtained through accurate measurements, the most suitable to the case proposed from time to time, with an eye always pointed to prevention (study of journey and destinations, cartographic analysis and physical inspections of sites, previous contact with local staff, and anything else that may be useful and necessary to the prior definition of the service to perform) and countermeasures against actual dangers.

Our latin motto reads 'Tutores Pacis, Ad Bello Parati', that means Guardians of Peace, Ready to War. 


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