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Tutores Pacis, Ad Bello Parati

Who & how


Founder and Security Manager of "Close Protection USA" (CPU) is William Farris, D / G / MB / CWP licenses holder, former Paratrooper Instructor at the Italian 'Folgore' Brigade, with a total of 18 years of national experience as a Military Police and Law Enforcement Officer (Italy), 3 years of international experience as a Security Attaché at the Italian Embassy in Indonesia and 4 more years of safety and security management experience in United States. 

Institutional Protective Services Operator patented by Italian Special Corps, Cosmic Top Secret clearance (NATO) while on government duty, with classical studies and a Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB), he started as a young private detective, joining the Italian Army in 1994 and then the Carabinieri Corps in 1997. Together with his colleagues, during his career he has provided executive protection to some of the highest profiles and influential individuals in Italy and Europe, including royal families, politicians, judges and senior corporate personnel, against threats of various kind and origin (mafia, internal and international terrorism, etc.).

Moving to the private industry, he didn't lose passion, integrity, professionalism and discretion matured in the governmental sector, then used to select the best partner and collaborators for this new, challenging, adventure.


...and Personnel

Our Close Protection Operators (CPO) are not "just" Security Officers, that by Florida Statutes already need specific licenses, issued by the State after an extensive background check, security courses and documentation, to guarantee high standards of safety and security: they are the most accurate selection of highly trained personnel on the field, coming from private and government sector, American and foreign organizations, specialized in Executive Protection and, on an individual basis, in safety and security related fields like Law Enforcement, Military, Fire Fighting, certified First Aid, CPR/AED and many other specialties. 

Integrity, professionalism, honesty and accuracy are just a small part of our commitment and effort to provide the best service of Close Protection in Miami and Florida. 


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